Winter activities of Manali

Manali is one of the favorite hill stations of millions of people due to its excellent views and beautiful valleys. The union of Manali and snow is the perfect vacation theme during winters when the quaint town transforms into a white marvel. Manali makes the town a much-preferred destination where beauty meets adventure and an event, snow wear, and indulges in delightful snow activities. Manali is a wonderful winter destination for its snowfall and Manali is like the cherry on the cake, presenting tourists with myriad opportunities to play with snow. Manali is Boasting of a scintillating picturesque landscape- with snow-sprinkled trees and snow-peaked mountains; the city also presents an opportunity for several activities that you can enjoy during the snowfall. Also, you can cozily be tucked in the resorts and admire the beauty all around you. Manali has the best winter activities to do. Skiing is considered to be one of the best snow activities anywhere in the world. While the amateurs can practice on slanted slopes, the professionals can resort to the steeper ones. Snowboarding is one of the newer snow activities where a flat board with wheels is used. This can either be attached to your feet, for novices. Heli Skiing is basically when the volunteers are taken to a mountain peak in a helicopter. The passengers are dropped off for certain duration of time to wander around and explore. Sledding has been derived from the Santa Claus and the Christmassy experiences. Here you can just sit on a plate-like sled to roll down a slope just like a slide. Ice Climbing is one of the most thrilling but also one of the most challenging activities that can be enjoyed in Manali during snowfall. Ice Sledging is an age-old popular activity that is loved by people from all age groups. Here you require a wooden sled just like the one Santa Claus. Winter activities have amazing things to explore and to enjoy a moment of the activities in Manali.